Outdoor Lighting In Jacksonville, FL

The landscaping professionals at Jax Outdoor Solutions offer outdoor lighting design and installation services for your Jacksonville, FL, landscaping. As the sun sets, your outdoor space transforms into a canvas waiting to be illuminated, highlighting its beauty and creating an inviting ambiance. From accentuating architectural features to enhancing safety, landscape lighting plays a crucial role in maximizing the enjoyment of your outdoor oasis. Our team is equipped to craft a low-voltage outdoor lighting system tailored to your property and needs.

Why Landscape Lighting Matters In Jacksonville

Outdoor lighting from Jax Outdoor Solutions serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. Beyond mere illumination, it adds depth, dimension, and personality to your landscape. In Jacksonville, Florida, where warm evenings beckon for outdoor gatherings, well-designed lighting can extend your outdoor enjoyment well into the night.

Enhancing Safety And Security

One of the primary benefits of landscape lighting is enhancing safety and security around your property. Properly placed lights along pathways, stairs, and entryways ensure safer navigation, reducing the risk of accidents or tripping hazards. Additionally, a well-lit exterior deters intruders and enhances security for both residential and commercial properties, giving you greater peace of mind.

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Outdoor Lighting Photo Gallery

Explore our photo gallery for inspiring outdoor lighting designs that enhance beauty and safety. Discover elegant garden lights, pathway, and patio illumination ideas to transform your outdoor spaces.

Accentuating Landscape Features

Just as an artist uses light and shadow to create depth in a painting, low-voltage outdoor lighting can highlight the best features of your landscape design. Whether it is a majestic tree, a tranquil water feature, or a striking sculpture, strategically placed lights can draw attention to these focal points, even after dark, creating a captivating visual experience for your outdoor space in Jacksonville.

Creating Ambiance For Outdoor Living

Imagine lounging on your patio under the gentle glow of string lights or hosting a dinner party in a softly illuminated garden. Landscape lighting helps set the mood for your outdoor gatherings, whether you seek a cozy ambiance for intimate gatherings or a festive atmosphere for lively celebrations. With a variety of lighting options available, you can customize the ambiance to suit your preferences and lifestyle.

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Choosing the Right Lighting Fixtures

Selecting appropriate lighting fixtures is crucial for achieving your desired aesthetic and functionality. In Jacksonville’s humid subtropical climate, it is essential to choose fixtures that are durable and weather-resistant. At Jax Outdoor Solutions, our professionals will work with you to identify the right fixtures to suit your needs. Our options, such as LED lights, are not only energy-efficient but also withstand the elements, making them ideal for outdoor use in Northern Florida.

Harnessing Smart Technology

With advancements in technology, outdoor lighting has become smarter and more convenient than ever. Smart lighting systems allow you to control your outdoor lights remotely via your smartphone or tablet. You can adjust the brightness, schedule lighting sequences, and even integrate them with other smart devices for seamless automation.


What people are saying about Jax Outdoor Solutions:
Jax Outdoor Solutions did an awesome job installing a 2500 sq ft putting green complex. Putting surface, fringe, rough, faux sand bunkers and lights. What a great amenity to have in my backyard. Kyle and his crew communicated often and I never had to hunt them down or wonder if they were showing up. Great job!
Greg Weitz
We cannot say enough about the incredible job that JAX Outdoor Solutions did on our back yard project. We had artificial turf, a 3 hole putting green and landscaping done. AMAZING! Kyle and Spencer were so easy to work with and so friendly and helpful. We consider ourselves to be pretty particular and they knocked it out of the park. 10/10! We would highly recommend them to anyone!
Teresa Davis
I gave Kyle a budget and he designed a great putting green within the budget. The work was completed on time and as described, the crew cleaned up the area afterwards, and as an extra bonus, Kyle is a really nice guy! Not everyone in the household golfs but we have been in our yard almost every day since the project was completed, chipping and putting. Highly recommend!
j a

Professional Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation From North Florida

Strategic placement of lighting fixtures is key to achieving optimal results. Path lights can guide guests along walkways, while well spotlights can accentuate trees and other architectural elements. Layering different types of lighting, such as uplighting, downlighting, and cross-lighting, can also help create depth and visual interest in your landscape.

While DIY projects can be tempting, entrusting outdoor lighting installation to professionals helps ensure safety, efficiency, and optimal results. At Jax Outdoor Solutions, our experienced landscaping and hardscaping team specializes in designing and installing custom landscape lighting solutions tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Our team handles everything from the initial consultation and design to installation, so you can expect your outdoor lighting system to remain pristine and functional for years to come.

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In Jacksonville, Florida, where outdoor living is a way of life, outdoor lighting from Jax Outdoor Solutions plays a vital role in enhancing the beauty, safety, and functionality of your landscape.

From accentuating architectural features to creating a welcoming ambiance for gatherings, well-designed landscape lighting transforms your outdoor space into a captivating oasis after dark.

With the expertise of Jax Outdoor Solutions, you can illuminate your residential or commercial Jacksonville landscape with confidence, knowing that every detail is carefully considered and expertly executed.

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